About US

WHY Leading Star?

  • Own Industries Products.
  • Product Quality 100%
  • Easy Affiliate Marketing System
  • Reasonable Product Price

ORA11JON ( by Leading Star Industries Ltd.) is really 100% Good products. LS is a name of the quality product. Already We manufacture essential & regular consumer Chemical, Electrical & Electronics products. We use imported & our own country raw materials for production. Now we would like to distribute our products to the consumers. "LS" has been built on this concept. We apply ultra modern Affiliate Marketing System in Bangladesh. This system is very familiar in the world. Such as Amazon, Click Bank, Click BD etc. But we are the extra ordinary company from others E-Commerce company because there are not manufacturers but we are direct Manufactures.


  • Consumer Create is one of most important job in this time.
  • Establishment of E-Commerce with affiliate system in Bangladesh through product marketing and the establishment of certain and permanent income of one core people who have already been victims of the wrong use of Network marketing.
  • Contribute to a Reasonable price of the people supplying goods.
  • Making people aware of affiliate system and making 100% people successful through the establishment of affiliate friendly environment.


All products will be manufactured by our own industries.
For avoid imported products.
Export to worldwide .
Our vision is to build an atmosphere of 100% product based affiliate marketing across the country, our beautiful Bangladesh. We also make our people real beneficiary of the true concept of affiliate Marketing. Finally, we want to free our beloved country from the curse of unemployment through the proper application of the concept of the affiliate.


Leading Star Industries Ltd. is a 100% product based company. We can't create market first time. First, we ready our own Industry & own brand product after we launch our marketing company So there is no tension and risk of investing your money here. Here our customers will buy their necessary products on their own choice. They also have an opportunity to accept an offer of earning from us if they wish. There is no pressure of working here. Our all products we manufactured & Assembled by our own industries so quality has no compromise. We can't provide others branding products.